Father Christmas Cup

Adult Tournament Rules

  1. All matches are played with in the 30-minute time slot. Kickoff as soon as both teams can get ready to play, but the match must end on the hour or half hour. No extra time, matches must stay on schedule.
  2. There is no halftime or switching ends. If necessary, Referee choose which team kicks off.
  3. There is no need to record scores.
  4. Eight (8) players a side. Substitutions can be made on the fly as long as it does not interfere with play of the ball.
  5. Slide tackling (going to ground to win the ball from an opponent) is not allowed in any Division.
  6. All other regular 7 aside game rules apply.
  7. Any discipline issues can be dealt with at the referee’s discretion.
  8. This is a Christmas charity tournament and competition should be friendly, safe and sportsman like. All players are expected to stay in control and be on their best behavior.

Certified Athletic Trainers with Premier Sports Medicine are on property to attend to any injury concerns.

All other questions or concerns may be addressed by Father Christmas Committee Members available throughout the Park or at the Registration Tent.

Please Note: No Alcoholic Beverages May Be Brought onto Silverback Park Property for Consumption.