Youth FAQ

Q: What time do I need to arrive?
A: 8:00 AM

Q: Where do I go to pick up my tee shirt?
A: Your team manager will pick up your shirt and hand it to you

Q: Where do I pick up my raffle tickets?
A: There is a huge tent just inside the park

Q: What if I forgot to print up my ticket?
A: No worries, we can still redeem your tickets

Q: Game Day -What if my friend wants to play but didn’t register?
A: All players for the youth tournament must be pre-registered.

Q: Which field am I on?
A: The schedule will be published on the Father Christmas Cup website at here

Q: Where do we park?
A: Please proceed to the upper parking area at Silverbacks Park

Q: How do I find out about inclement weather updates?
A: Silverbacks Park is a rain or shine facility. If it is deemed unsafe to play the website will be updated.

Q: Can I bring my own food to the fields?
A: Snacks are permitted but no alcoholic drinks are allowed. Please eat off the field.

Adult FAQ

Q: What time do I need to arrive?
A: 10.30am, we are starting earlier this year.

Q: What if I did not pre-register?
A: If your team still has some available spots open on their roster you will be able to buy a player shirt on the day.

Q: Where are the Athletic trainers based?
A: They have a tent inside the main Stadium