Stephen O’Hare, Committee Chair

Stephen is one of the primary founders and the initial point of contact for the Father Christmas Cup. Stephen’s role is to assist the other committee members to help them as best as he can to ensure the Father Christmas Cup is a success each year.


Jeb Smith, Secretary and Treasurer

Jeb provides corporate and organizational planning, operations, and support, as well as event planning and execution. Jeb also supports Sponsor relationships and correspondence.


Robin Smith, Director of Volunteers

Robin manages volunteers, event day sign-ups, facilities, and activities.


Wade Meyer, Director of Operations

Wade helps coordinate the teams,
referees and facilities. He also works to secure corporate sponsorships.


Neil McNab Jr., Youth Tournament Director

Neil helps to organize the youth tournament portion of the Father Christmas Cup, including the recruitment, registration and scheduling of all youth teams U10-U18. Neil Has been with the Father Christmas Cup since 2012.