Devin Cole

Devin Cole was someone who enjoyed his time as a referee. He started in soccer when he volunteered to coach his son’s soccer team. He then went on to follow his sons in their love of being a referee. He wanted to help everyone. He consistently worked to improve himself and help others. He believed in focusing on fitness and working hard to go faster and farther. He worked as a referee with many of the local soccer clubs. He often chose to referee over other activities. He worked as a Global Services Manager for Neles where he also worked hard to improve the company and enjoyed working with his coworkers. He entered rest on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 after he suffered a brain aneurysm at the age of 45. He was happily married to his wife Anita and enjoyed spending time with his sons, Noah and Aiden. 

As a referee, he always started with a pregame, asked for improvements at halftime, and looked to others with more experience to guide him to improve. He loved to work with new referees and wanted to be a guide for others to help them improve.  He always set goals for himself to work hard and do more, from reffing high school to MLS next to traveling to other states for tournaments. He was always looking to help those Assignor’s who were in need of referees and help coaches and players improve their play and understanding of the game. He lived his life to the fullest, traveling, working as a referee, working and spending time with his family. He was grateful to be a part of Georgia Soccer. Devin was selected as Georgia Soccer’s Referee of the year for 2020.