Everett Colcord

A son of God, Everett Thoreau Colcord was born on June 26, 2020. He was a light in the darkness, though he came into this world with a unique anatomy – only half of his heart developed in utero. Everett was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome at 20 weeks in the womb. Early in development, the left side of his heart did not grow correctly. This meant he would be born in a special hospital under even more special conditions to get him to a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit within minutes of birth.

His first hospitalization was forty-eight days, of which thirty-five were spent in the CICU. He grew tremendously, learning how to bottle feed and play with toys a bit later than most. But Everett proved his strength. With an additional complication in his heart, Everett still managed to come home from Cincinnati Children’s hospital all the way to Atlanta, where he lived with his parents for two perfect months. He challenged them and opened their eyes in many ways. He showed them love, joy, and peace.

Everett was scheduled for his second surgery in October. However, after the surgery, he began to struggle. Over the course of one and a half months, Everett faced unrelentless and unparalleled trials. It was on November 29th that Everett experienced his third and final cardiac arrest event. With great sadness, Everett’s parents had to say goodbye to their sweet baby boy and let Jesus greet him at the gates of heaven.

Everett means “strong like a boar” and Thoreau is a tribute name to Henry David Thoreau, an enthusiast for the outdoors and adventure. Our Everett is the strongest child imaginable and a true adventurer of spirit and love. He was called to a greater home beyond this one. This world defined his heart imperfect, yet his special anatomy is nothing but perfect in heaven. Everett had the privilege of watching some of his mom’s soccer games, getting to know this wonderful metro Atlanta soccer community, and making many friends along the way. 

Everett’s parents decided that if he were to play soccer, he would likely be a #10, a playmaker. As he is crafty and creative, he found ways to defy the odds that were so stacked against him. The fact that Everett lived to be five months old is a miracle in and of itself. Everett is a strong adventurer, now exploring the kingdom of heaven.

Keith and Becky Colcord, Everett’s parents, grew up playing in GA Soccer. Becky plays in GAWSA for United FC I, and Keith has played in ADSL. Rachel and Renee VanHorn, Becky’s sisters, and Everett’s aunts, both grew up playing in GA Soccer and also currently play in GAWSA for United FC I.